Let me tell you how this works ;) :

The car and bikes WILL STOP, if YOU CROSS the street. So walk! Don’t let us stop just so that we can start all over again making some speed. Let us stop for something: you crossing that damn street. 

Always visit this bookshop when you’re in Paris.

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nap 10 Cool Places to Stop and Take a Nap Around the World

Photo by: AlphaTangoBravo / Adam Baker

Traveling is the best—true story—but it can be damn exhausting. Missing a train, haggling, washing your laundry in the sink or puking up that roasted grasshopper you ate can be stressful. Rough patches like these call for a time-out. OTP drowsily selected our choicest spots to lay your weary head and refuel. Don’t forget to set the alarm.

per 10 Cool Places to Stop and Take a Nap Around the World


Situated along the breathtaking Bay of Kotor is the small village of Perast, population 300. Back in the day, Perast was the place to be if you were a sailor or a dude with wares to peddle. Now, it’s a rustic hiking town nestled in the mountains. Muster up just a little strength and row out to two of the islands, where you can bake in year-round sun.

new 10 Cool Places to Stop and Take a Nap Around the World

Photo by: Bencito the Traveller

You’re bound to find more out-of-work fisherman and sea shanties than tourists on the island of Newfoundland(pronounced NEW-fin-lind). With crazy beautiful land to explore, you can get lost and cozy up where no one knows your name for a good solid break from the hustle of modernity. Bonus points if you work in your naptime on an ocean voyage; triple if you’re a stowaway.

lim 10 Cool Places to Stop and Take a Nap Around the World

Photo by: heartgrenade21

Since dead people are experts at long naps, take a good slumber in these bone-filled dank caverns to beat the oppressive heat of South American summers. Snuggling up with the dead in some underground labyrinth is spooky nap central. It’s definitely relaxing enough to sleep; as for fending off ghastly nightmares , you’re on your own. If you feel a guard poking you with a femur, be prepared to bounce.

we 10 Cool Places to Stop and Take a Nap Around the World

Photo by: The Grateful Dad

Telling an Aussie that Western Australia is your main destination is like telling a prostitute you only want to talk. This mostly desolate wilderness is primarily populated by long-haul truckers and kangaroos, but also full the most beautiful deserted beaches and undeveloped areas Down Under. It’s cheap, slow and perfect (no matter what the city folk may think).

mx 10 Cool Places to Stop and Take a Nap Around the World

Photo by: korisworld

Far from the donkey shows of Tijuana, the red-eyed fiestas of Mexico City and the drunk co-eds at Senor Frog’s in Cancun,Oaxaca is a slice of real Mexico. Head there for the legendary Day of the Dead, and wear yourself out by diving into Native American celebratory culture. Once you’re good and tired, you’ll be glad to know that nap time (siesta) rolls around from 2pm to 4pm.

sot 10 Cool Places to Stop and Take a Nap Around the World

Photo by: Viktor Kaposi

Often overshadowed by its democracy-inventing and Renaissance-spurring neighbors, Albania is the long-overlooked lovechild of isolation and Stalinist regime. Society has become increasingly open in the past 15 years, and they’ve got some of the best beaches in Europe. Cheaper in every way than its surrounding countries, places like Sarande are ideal to hang a hammock and relax Shqipthar (Albanian) style.

no 10 Cool Places to Stop and Take a Nap Around the World

Photo by: gbatistini

North Africa, civil unrest or not, is not only a great broke-ass travel destination, but beautiful and nap-tastic. Get beached in Morocco like General Patton, and then cruise the southern Mediterranean. You’ll find thousands of miles of beaches where you can exist on a meager budget and sleep your way to travel refreshment.

ind 10 Cool Places to Stop and Take a Nap Around the World

Photo by: Mark D. Martin India

The Seychelles are one of those last secluded gems left on our shrinking planet. If escaping the modern world is the MO of your napquest, this little tropical paradise is your ticket to the best rest of your life. There’s nothing even remotely close to the urban rat race on these islands, just ancient gods and gorgeous beaches; no one will hear you snore for miles.

eu 10 Cool Places to Stop and Take a Nap Around the World

Photo by: toddsaved

A mix of nostalgia and respect, the “Cradle of Civilization” is will rock you to sleep like a baby. Some of the best vistas of the western river can be found near Gaziantep, Turkey, close to the Syrian border. Cuddle up in Mesopotamia; that right there is a nap to make your 9th grade geography teacher proud.

pho1 10 Cool Places to Stop and Take a Nap Around the World

Photo by: hn.

Thailand’s great when you’re in the mood for partying and less-restful nights. The Philippines will help to nurture you back to whole. You’ll meet people less jaded by the throngs of tourists and experience an Asian cuisine deeply influenced by the Spanish and perfected to concoct flavorful, mouth-changing dishes. Achieve an adequate food coma, find a lovely pair of coconut trees to hang a hammock between and sleep while your stomach figures out the digesting details.

OTP Tip: The Spaniards are notorious nappers and if you’re in the less metropolitan areas of the country (most ofAndalusia), a lot of places (supermarkets, cafes, stores, etc.) close for nap time from 2 pm until 5 pm. While we’re not sure when Spaniards find time to work, take the hint and get something soft to lay around on for a few hours.

Napping is easy; finding the right place and time to temporarily call it quits takes skill. Make nice with the locals and you’ll be steered clear of Acapulco shirts and fanny packs to the chillest spots. Worst comes to worst, if you’re drowsy enough, the nap will eventually find you.



Abstract interpretation of the Great Horned Owl

Black ball point pen | App. 3.5 Hours. Larger View.

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Let’s start with the fact I was sick and had to stay home. How lame is that. Thank god I wasn’t the only one playing sad sick person tonight. Something in the air was making a lot of people this way. I made sure I stuffed myself with all the delicacies that were brought into this house for this special day, this special eve. I was thinking over this year – was it better than the one before? Most certainly it was different, but the 365 days had been good to me whatsoever. Yes, I took some planes this year which has caused me a new addiction. This had been a good year.

Anyway, I made sure I enjoyed myself this evening with the company I had. People, texting, the sound of the television, food, and drinks.

People talk about the same things (we’ve made it through another year! –yay.), whishing each other the same wise words (happy new year, stay healthy, have a great time), getting drunk at the same parties (hell yeah) and tomorrow they will all share the same hangover.

But this year I had to stay out of that…

Counting down the last minute and the firework starts, giving me beautiful enlightened colors to watch. My sickness forced me to stay in, but from the top floor of our house through the open window I had a good view that reached pretty far. Most of our neighbors weren’t home. It gave me a clear sight. Less smoke. For half an hour now, standing motionless on the bed under this window, I was gazing at the firework. I realized how much I love watching this. Can’t wait to attend the next firework show! But then I suddenly realize something else and wonder how many people will get injured this night. Maybe even on the corner over there. I also wonder if the reason of this thought popping into my mind is my study. Which is not cool.

I went downstairs to be amongst the people again and – darkness. The power is gone probably due to some prank or little accident, haha. What a weird way to start a new year. – It can only get better! I am sooo ready for you 2012. Watch me ;)

This turkey had the main role in our six-course dinner

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  3. Exposure: 1/60th
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